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January 18, 2013


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-FILLED- Artist Features!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2013, 3:50 AM

I did this quite some tome back. Now that so many people have popped up around the web with better art than I and way too few watchers, it's time again for the suggest and artist feature! >w<

Read below for rules. owo


:star: REMEMBER, suggest people who are talented beyond their level of current recognition. Not just your friends because you are friends with them. Be honest, and see if they have put in the years and effort to get better! It may seem a bit harsh if I don't add your friends, and it might seem unfair when I pick others instead of others, but please try to not be hurt! I want to spread some happiness in artists that feel under-appreciated for their work, not put down artist who also work hard but are still in the works. Please understand,. ;w;


First of all, there has to be at least 3 good quality deviations in their gallery. Uncolored linearts and backgroundless pictures usually turn my head from it, but if their efforts shine through that, i'll accept those. I have no time to read stories, unfortunately. Lineart skills and coloring skills separated also deter me. If the artist makes it work somehow, they're added. If they only have two, I have to move on.

Number of watchers and pageviews are also very important. The goal of this feature is to promote more unknown artists that deserve it, not promote artists that already have the attention they worked for.Yes, they're talented, but this feature isn't for them.

I choose the three deviations that not only show their best work, but I also try and show off their different skill sets. They might have 20 amazing lineless deviations, but if they have something that also strikes my eye that's a little different than what they normally do, i'll try and show off that as well.

Yes, I will sometimes make exceptions, but keep in mind this feature isn't a test on skills or talent. If you don't make it, don't feel bad. For a lot of them, a year or two ago they might have sat in the same spot you sat in. You'll improve, and you will get more watchers. . . just don't get obsessed with getting them. That is bad, and really what the crave for fame does to you.

Bird by PiirustusKOIFlSH by PiirustusSeltsam by Piirustus

Merry Christmas: to all my bros by ReversedNightJust for fun? by ReversedNightI'll be home by ReversedNight

Singing the Songs of Angry Men by ChinZaPepSkittles Icon by ChinZaPep

CM - SnowseaSide by flariesCE- . : L O S T : . by flariesAT - Bag of Trix by flaries

Gatormutt for niiohontesha by eco226Civet/Genet mix color ideas by eco226KILTS by eco226

Nekotalia-Germany and Italy by StarMapleStar:PC:-ChinZaPep by StarMapleStarPink Clouds by StarMapleStar

Chespin by SpashaiDisaster by SpashaiVirizion by Spashai



Taste the Rainbow V2 by CALLYKITTYClace by CALLYKITTYThey don't care about you either. by CALLYKITTY

n.0124 - Contest Entry for OkamiWhitewhings by PremuLokiPrincess Luna by PremuLokiRaffle Prize: Kurokami by PremuLoki

Passer-by by SpitfiresOnIceNew Year 2013 by SpitfiresOnIceLittle Bird by SpitfiresOnIce

Bubo Bengalensis by Arf-AxelCommission Nanzy by Arf-AxelA magic wolf by Arf-Axel

:thumb344859928:ULTRAnumb by NanzywolfVI by Nanzywolf

Treefrogs by RoevChanFogbound Lake by RoevChan:CE:  I c e by RoevChan

Enter Original Title Here by FynTheStripperI don't have a name TAT by FynTheStripperI F-cking Hate You by FynTheStripper

17.) :iconokamiwhitewings:
Look Into My Eyes by OkamiWhitewings:PC: Winter Morning by OkamiWhitewings:CP: Midnight Cliff by OkamiWhitewings

Starclan Simple Poster :oSaC: by Fates-ExileDandyPrize by Fates-ExileTidalclan Simple Poster :oSaC: by Fates-Exile

Happy New Year by xseashellI belong with you, You belong with me by xseashellDark forest Cats by xseashell


Mermaid by DoctorSheepyFASH by DoctorSheepymonster face by DoctorSheepy

.m i n g o kinda m o o d by DrodengeraA Dance With the Devil by DrodengeraFaylenn SparkleMutt Custom by Drodengera

*Licks You* by FaylennSecret Santa - SnuggleSnuggle by Faylenn.:P-CM:. RawrGimmeAHug pixel by Faylenn


Christmas Ornament 2 by WarriorRainyDayTo the Water by WarriorRainyDayImagine Page one by WarriorRainyDay

:star:This on may be full, but there will be more features, so don't worry! If anyone has a problem with the pictures I used, just note me with a replacement and I will fix it~:star:

I'll probably do multiple ones like last time, but please don't overwhelm me too bad. >w<;;

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ZombieCat86 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student General Artist
hi. i think for the next one you do, you should feature =Twisted-Demise. her newer art is just awesome. she really likes your art too, i think and i'm pretty sure she considers you as an idol. that's what she told me a while ago. but take your time to make the next one!
Skycloud-Nya Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
me possibly? ;w; i feel pretty selfish trying to get myself featured though

but this person has adorable art ;u; :iconkitkatkutie:
StevieThePonay Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
for the next one i suggest :iconfoxface-x3:
eternalgamzee Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i don't know if im good enough but maybe you could look at me art? im not sur if it is what yo are looking for though...
SpiderRen Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Spotty, You are to kind!
winl996 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Writer
"I did this quite some tome back."
I Googled "tome" and got this:
"A tome is a large book, especially one volume of a multi-volume scholarly work."
Thank you, I now know a new way to say the word "book."
DemonicDaveStrider Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm more of a fail but ,

:iconobsidianthewolf: has some beautiful artwork~
JayFox31 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
i have a few, i'm sorry if i read your rules wrong. i tryed to chose only skilled people, with under 1000 watchers.

:icon22-days-till-winter: (he's insanely unconfident about his work, but he's skilled. and i belive out of everyone here, he is the most under apreciated. and i belive he deserves a possition the most. but.. because he thinks he is not good, he deleted everything he ever posted.)
Dweenie Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
I know I shouldn't just choose my friends because they're my friends, but I think :iconnoirlecrow: is one of the best artists I know and she deserves some recognition ouo
Sprouteeh Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student Filmographer
aah, my suggestions are already there :c
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