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January 1, 2013
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Sparkler Deer .:Squiby:. by Spottedfire-cat Sparkler Deer .:Squiby:. by Spottedfire-cat
EDIT: You can adopt it here~! >w< [link]


This deer spends its time lighting the skies by jumping high into the sky with its thin, needle-like legs, and then setting off tiny explosions in the air with it's magical antlers. It's vibrant colors only show up and glow at night; during the day, it looks like a plain, dark colored deer. Which each and every new night, the colors on it shift with no exception for its eyes.


Spoilers for a deer i'm about to release made specially for the New Year~ ewe

Well . . . you can't get it right now because Squiby is throwing a hissy fit. e3e

I'll update this description when I have it up. >w>

Anyways, there are three other deers i'm almost done with. The only thing that is taking time is that each adult stage is separately drawn, so yes; the other 3rd stages for the others will not look like this one. >w<

I'll be working on either the Steampunk Gilffrin or the snakey thing next . . . oh, and sorry for all this adoptable stuff you guys. It was really out of the blue. ;w;
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This is the cutest thing I believe I have ever seen! :iconawwwplz: The colors you chose for the lights on the deer and the way they glow is a really great addition to the deer! The little tuft of hair is very cute, and almost everything about it is sparkly and perfect for the New Year!!!

The only negative things that I have to say:

:bulletblue: I don't really get an indication of the face because the purple and blue are just a tad too dark. I am not suggesting that you change it, however, because I think that if they were any lighter, it would drown out the effect of the lights.

:bulletpurple: The antlers on the level 150 deer are not true to nature, and should have a few more points. Now I know that this isn't supposed to be TRUE TO NATURE IN EVERY WAY like a lot of people would say, but they do need to have a little resemblance to real antlers.

Anything other than those two things is perfect, and I especially like the way that you drew the hooves on the adult deer. This is a perfect adoptable, and if I had a Squiby, I would totally adopt it! :iconcatmeowplz:

For vision I gave a five, because the vision of the lights is so pwetty! The sparkles coming from the deer's antlers are so cute, and I think this is a great visual drawing.

For originality, I gave a four-and-a-half, simply because plenty of people did New Years creatures, however this is very different from a lot of them!

For technique, I gave a five, because the lines are smooth, there aren't any out-of-the-line places except for the lights glowing, and the eyes are well done, and simply because you are amazing when it comes to spiffiness.

For impact I gave a five, because the lights contrasting on the dark colors really does make an impact, and the sparkles everywhere help add to that impact.

All in all it is a very good piece, and could only use a bit of minor adjusting. It is a wonderful little adoptable, and it is so cute and I want it so much now! lD Great work!
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It is a very good piece of work, the colors you used look amazing together. They don't clash or run into each other, and appeal very nicely to the viewer's eyes. I haven't seen anything like this, at least not using the same animal but the same technique. I like how there is a description of the animal you gave, so it is not just a pretty thing to look at and level up. I haven't seen this egg/growing technique thing many times on deviant art but I have on other sites so I will give you that. I also get what it is, and what its supposed to do and how, by using the information given and just based on what it looks like, so to me its pretty logical in my head for everything to be the way it is. Overall I think you did a wonderful job on it, making each phase adorable. I wish you lucks on having people "adopt" these. :D
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So adorable, I love the description and colors against a darker fur background! :) (I tried to adopt it, but it was already all out.)
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